Ranch to River Realty has moved.

Although we are not in the office we were. We have a new office. you still get the same wonderful customer service and smiling faces.

If you are looking for a Realtor who cares, choose me. I have been helping customers all my life. I received my license in 2004 . Although, I had to take some time off due to illness, I missed being a Realtor so started out strong January 2018. I was blessed to have had such a successful first year back in the business. My customer’s have became friend’s. I truly care when I am trying to help them purchase a home and or sell their homes.

We service all of Mohave County and my broker is also licensed in Nevada. We are in several wonderful communities. Laughlin Ranch, River’s Edge, and know the area very well. Our housing is strong. It is a great time t0 buy, interest rates are about 4.50 at this moment. It’s also a great time to sell if you are needing more room or less room.

Please call me if you have any questions. Sheila Miller 971-300-9695

Ranch to River Realty

“Ranch to River Realty”, we offer outstanding customer service. We have moved to 2825 Highway 96, 213, C. My cell number 971-300-9695

My goal is to let folks know I’m still here! I offer help to sellers to see want their home is worth and help them market their home. We discuss the process of how a home is sold, and the steps that we must go through from beginning to the end. I also help buyers with purchasing a home. I advise them to drive around the different communities to see what which feels the best for the needs. I explain the purchase contract in a way they can understand. I realize this is one of the largest purchase they will make, so we want this to be the “perfect” home for them. I am also with them while we are finding the perfect house, then writing a purchase contract, presenting the offer to the seller or sellers agent. I assist with finding inspectors for the home, pest inspectors, the best home warranty company. We are together with this purchase of their home to the closing.

We find the buyers & sellers today are very knowledgable about purchasing & selling. Most have been following the market in the area they are interested in. They have a good idea of prices, turnovers, and timing. This makes my job much easier.

So please think of me if you are considering selling or buying. You will find I treat my clients as they are my friend, and most often than not, we become friends. I enjoy people and when I can help, it even makes me happier. Please give me a call or email me for any information in my area of Mohave Valley properties. Bullhead City, Fort Mohave, Mohave Valley, Golden Valley, Lake Havasu City. I will work with you, you will not be disappointed in me.

Laughlin Ranch golf course.

The Journey Begins

Real estate values are cooling in area’s around the country but you can rest assured that the Mohave County real estate market is still very strong and undervalued for what your money can buy. You will most likely command a high price selling your home now while interest rates are still low.

However, as you know, historically low-interest rates won’t last for long, we are due for a real estate price correction soon, which happens typically every 7-10 years. Real estate prices move in cycles, I want to keep you updated on what is happening in our local real estate market.

We moved here to Mohave County in 2004 from the Pacific NW. We purchased a lot and build our home. We moved on January 5, 2005. I received my real estate license in April 2004. As we all remember, in around 2006 the markets were on fire, the prices were going up 25-100% all over the country. Then the bottom fell out leaving many home owners upside down in their homes. It was not the buyers’ fault it was the lenders! They were giving loans without documentation, over 100% loans to “pay” you to buy a home. It was a very sad time, that I’m sure felt just like the depression did so many years ago.

Of course, because real estate moves in cycles, we knew that it would change over time. Some states like Oregon, Washington, California rebounded pretty fast, the reason being was they offered jobs. Here in Mohave County,

the only jobs that were out there were service jobs. The casinos In Laughlin, NV, employed most of them. Sure we had medical, teachers, County & State workers but they did not offer the same pay as other stated, so it has taken us longer to get our market moving in an upward pace. Now we have many new high paying jobs.

I am proud to say, 2017 kicked started our housing market again. We had vacationers, snow-birds and weekend players on the river/lakes. As I followed the pricing of homes across the US, I was still puzzled why our market was still lower than so many other states. I still believe the biggest part is because of jobs, but I just don’t think people know about what we have to offer to buy so much lower than other places.

If you have been to our area you know it is a bit of a “moonscape”. We are the desert, divided from California and Nevada by the Colorado River. We have Lake Mohave & Lake Havasu within an hour drive. Las Vegas is a 2-hour drive. It truly is a “vacation” dream! You also probably know the desert gets hot! Yes, we do have the “hottest place in the nation” tag line. We go from the air in our home, to air in stores & other services, to ours. air offices. Don’t forget the casinos in Laughlin offer you a very cool gaming room.

I have worked in the housing industry for 15 years. I know what is happening in Mohave County, specifically pertaining to home values that can directly affect you. So, I am starting this blog to keep you updated. I hope to be able to provide valuable & useful information to help you stay on top of what is happening in our communities.

I really want to help by giving you answers that are true. If you have a question that needs to be answered or need additional information, please ask! If I pick your question within 7 days, I will offer a $25 Starbuck’s gift card.